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Press Release
Contact: Giovanni Vassallo, 415-264-3264, giovanni@friends-of-tibet.org
(March 18, 2013) On February 27, Lhamo Tso was granted political asylum by the United States of American in San Francisco. The idea to seek asylum in US came up last July when the Bay Area Friends of Tibet (BAFoT) along with other groups invited Lhamo Tso to the United States and organized the West Coast leg of the US lecture tour. The purpose of her visit was to advocate for the release of her husband, Dhondup Wangchen, who is serving a six year prison sentence in China.
After returning back to India Lhamo Tso travelled again to California and with the help of BAFoT obtained political asylum. Her main concern now is to reunite her family and to continue with her efforts for the release of her husband.
BAFoT is pleased that the United States granted her political asylum request: “She would definitely have been put in prison and mistreated if she were sent back to China-occupied-Tibet,” said BAFoT president Giovanni Vassallo. “We are very grateful to the U.S. government and extend congratulations to her and her family and pray for the day to come quickly that she will be reunited with her husband, a genuine and brave Tibetan hero who dared to nonviolently express care and love for his homeland and its special people.” He added, “We look to China to show grace and compassion now by releasing Dhondup Wangchen immediately to get the medical attention that is his human right.”
Lhamo Tso is very pleased and gives thanks on behalf of her family the US government for showing so much concern for her request. She would like to express her gratitude for all the help her family was given by various individuals and groups such as Mr. Tenpa Tsering in Delhi, Testen and Nyima Thondup in Switzerland, her friends in Dharamsala, the Tibetan Women's Association in India, the officials of the Tibetan Children’s Village, the Dhomed Association, Gu- Chu-Sum, Tibetan Youth in Europe, US and India, International Tibet Network, Students for a Free Tibet, Save Tibet Austria, International Campaign for Tibet, Amnesty International, Committee to Protect Journalist, the various Tibetan Communities, her pro bono attorney, Kathleen McKinley, Tenzin N. Tethong and Yangchen Surkhang Lakar, Tibet support groups around the world, and anyone who helped her along the way. Her special thanks go to Filming for Tibet, to BAFoT, and the Vassallo family who have given her moral support and generous hospitality for many months.
Jamyang Tsultrim, president of Filming for Tibet who helped producing "Leaving Fear Behind" says: "After a long journey, Lhamo Tso has finally reached a safe haven. We hope that Dhondup Wangchen will soon join his wife and four children who have suffered from family separation. We also hope that Lhamo Tso can now start a more peaceful chapter in her family's story and would like to ask all people to support her in finding a suitable job and make a successful start in the US."
As Lhamo Tso continues to campaign for Dhondup’s release and resettle herself and four children to the United States, BAFoT will coordinate all courtesies that may be extended to Lhamo to offset the costs of her family’s US resettlement.
Please support Dhondup Wangchen and Lhamo Tso and visit http://friends-of-tibet.org/projects/lhamo-tso-freedom-fund
Giovanni Vassallo | President | Bay Area Friends of Tibet
Bay Area Friends of Tibet is the US West Coast's original Tibet Support Group, founded in 1983 by Tibetans and Friends of Tibet, including Tenzing Sonam, son of Lhamo Tsering, Chief of Operations of the Mustang Tibetan Resistance Force. BAFoT works as a Bridge between Tibetans and non-Tibetans and in cooperation with local, state, national, and international Tibet groups to educate the public about Tibet. BAFoT celebrates Tibetan culture and the struggle for Tibetan National Independence. See www.friends-of-tibet.org for more information about us and our Special Projects.


The International Tibet Network is a global coalition of Tibet-related non-governmental organisations. Its purpose is to maximise the effectiveness of the worldwide Tibet movement, which is dedicated to ending human rights violations in Tibet and to working actively to restore the Tibetan people's right under international law to determine their future political, economic, social, religious and Cultural status.

The Network pursues its goals by working to increase the capacity of individual Member Organisations, through the coordination of strategic campaigns and by increased cooperation among organizations, thereby strengthening the Tibet movement as a whole. See www.tibetnetwork.org for more information.


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Campagne de Parrainage de communes du Tibet




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Campagne« Parrainage de communes du Tibet »

13 le débucher 28260 ANET





Liste des communes actualisée 

Campagne de “Parrainage de Communes du Tibet”
Objectif: Préserver le riche Héritage Culturel des Tibétains.



1-Salles Sur Garonne(31390) - Jean-Louis Halioua / Lhatse

2-Beckerich - Luxembourg- Camille Gira / Gyama 

3-Crest (26400)- Hervé Mariton / Lithang

4-Brouckerque(59630)- Jean-Pierre Decool / Siling

5-Bray-Dunes(59123)- Claude Marteel / Kardze 

6-Coudekerque-Branche(59210)- David Bailleul / Dhartsedo

7-Sisteron(04200) – Daniel Spagnou / Nyingtri 

8-Dieffenthal(67650) - Charles Andrea/ Jaqung

9-Pezens(11170)- Jean-Pierre Botsen / Dingri

10-Lugagnan(65100) - Jacques Garrot / Lhokha

11-Bourgtheroulde Infreville(27520) - Bruno Questel / Samye

12-Saint Laurent du Var(06700) - Henri Revel /Taktser

13-Divonne-Les-Bains(01220) - Etienne Blanc / Kyirong

14-L'Argentière-la-Bessée(05120) - JoëlGiraud/ Shethongmon

15-Lamothe-Goas(32500)- Alain Scudellaro / TsangLukner Shakar

16-St Genés Champanelle(63122) - Roger Gardes / Dromo

17-Festes et St André(11300) - Daniel Bord / Tadruk

18-Paris XI(75011) – Patrick Bloche / Lhassa

19–Manduel(30129) - Marie-Louise Sabatier/  Gyantse

20- Créon (33670) - Jean-Marie Darmian / Ruthok

21- Valouse (26110) - Patrick Liévaux / ShagRongpo

22- Plouray (56770) - Michel Morvant / Tsari 

23– Lans-en-Vercors (38250) - Jean-Paul Gouttenoire /Jomda

24– La Chapelle-Saint-Ursin (18570) - Yvon Beuchon/Sangchu-Labrang

25-Soulom(65260) - Xavier Macias / Chongye

26- Saint-Thomas-en-Royans (26190) – Christian Follut/ Jol

27-Merville(59660) - Jacques Parent /Dzogang

28- Mourenx (64150) - DavidHabib/ Tsona

29– Lavaur (81500) -BernardCarayon / Shigatse

30– Izeure (21110) -Catherine Lanterne /Yubeng

31-Artiguelouve(64230) -  Éline Gosset / Nyethang

32- Digne-Les-Bains(04000) - SergeGloaguen/Kumbum

33- Lavelanet-de-Comminges(31220) - Évelyne Delavergne / Narthang

34- Le Vigan (30120) - Eric Doulcier / Dergé

35– Bourbourg(59630)- FrancisBassemon / Shalu

36- Gensac-sur-Garonne(31310)- Henri Devic / Gadong

37- Bax(31310) - Philippe Bedel/ Rong

38- Carbonne(31390) - Guy Hellé/ Nagartse

39–Epinac(71360)- Jean-François Nicolas / Sakya

40– Amfreville-La-Mi-Voie(76920) – Luc Von Lennep / Phari

41- Le Cannet-des-Maures(83340) - Jean-Luc Longour / Gyatsa

42– Latrape(31310) - Jean-Louis Séguela / Riwoche

43– Sciez (74140) -Jean-LucBidal / Gyalthang

44– Widehem(62630) - Pierre Lequien / Taklung

45– Nieppe(59850) -MichelVandevoorde / Tsongdu(Nyalam)

46– Montbéliard(25200) - JacquesHélias / Kharta

47– Marzens(81500) -DidierJeanjean / Nagchu

48– Vitrolles(13127) - LoïcGachon / Tsethang-YumbuLakhang

49- Labastide-Saint-Georges(81500) - Jacques Juan / KhymZhi Shang

50– Bouchemaine(49080) - Anne-Sophie Hocquet de Lajartre / TashiDorje – Jhado/ Lac Namso

51–Ussel (46240)-Jean-Paul David / Rumbu

52-Sembrancher(1933) – Suisse- Bernard Giovanola / Rongbuk

53– Beurizot(21350) - Hugues Baudvin /Yerpa

54–Mailholas(31310)- Gérard Carrère / Dorjeling

55– Briançon(05100)- GérardFromm /Pelyul

56– Hondschoote(59122) - Hervé Saison / Markham

57– Aiguefonde(81200) – Vincent Garel / Nyemo

58– Vers sur Selle (80480)- Thierry Demoury / Dechen

59-Bennwihr (68690) – Richard Fuchs /Chamdo

60-– St Valéry sur Somme(80230)- Stéphane Haussoulier / Sera

61-Corby- Angleterre-JeanAddison / Rigul

62– Billere (64140)- Jean-Yves lalanne / Surmang

63-Marcq en Yvelines (78770)- Pierre Souin/ Drigung

De nombreuses autres Municipalités ont aussi été contactées par les Membres des Groupes Tibet du Parlement(189 députés) et du Sénat(67 sénateurs) et par la plupart des Membres des Groupes de Soutien au Tibet… Suite à cette mobilisation, nous espérons de nombreuses autres Municipalités !

 58 Associations Internationales de Soutien auTibet ont déjà adhéré à cette campagne;
Passeport Tibétain(Essert-90), Montagne du Bonheur(Paris-75), Briançon-05 Urgence-Tibet, France-Tibet
National, Collectif Tibet-Dunkerque(59), Maison des Himalayas(Gonnehem-62), France-Tibet-Île de la
réunion(974), Association Provence-Himalaya(Vitrolles-13), Nos Amis de l’Himalaya(Bordeaux-33), France-
Tibet / Nord-Pas de Calais(Lille-59), Aide et Espoir pour le Monde Tibétain(Amiens-80), SOS Tibet(Lyon-69),
Culture en Exil(Nantes-44), Lotus Himalaya(Maubeuge-59), Corse-Tibet(Porto Vecchio-20), Liberté au
Tibet(Sélestat-67), Objectif Tibet(Sciez-74), France-Tibet Maine/Anjou(Angers-49), Alliance Tibet-
Chine(Paris-75), Lions des Neiges(Lyon-69), Tibet-Languedoc(Nîmes-30), Drôme Ardèche – Tibet(Valence-
26), Jamtse Thundel(Gras-07), Tibet, Vallée de La dröme(Crest-07), ART (Aide aux Réfugiés
Tibétains)(Grenoble-38), Association des Elus Verts Pour le Tibet(Paris-75), Espoir pour le Tibet(Vannes-56),
Don et Action pour le Tibet(Yvry Sur Seine-94), Collectif Action-Tibet-vérité(Marzens-81), Institut Vajra
Yogini(Marzens-81)- Autodétermination Tibet(Rabat les Trois Seigneurs-09), Association Falun
Gong(Bordeaux-33), Rencontres Tibétaines(Toulouse-31), Matchik Labdreun(Marseille-13), Tibet-
Normandie(Rouen-76), APACT(Pau-64), Tutti Frutti International(Villeneuve d’Ascq-59), France-Tibet-Isère,
Association Amitié Suisse-Tibet(AAST), Gesellschaft Schweizerisch-Tibetische- (Suisse), Tibetet Support
Association - (Hongrie), Tibetan Programme of the Other Space Foundation - (Pologne), Casa del Tibet -
(Espagne), Svensk Tibet Komitten - (Suède), Tibet Support Group-Ireland., Les Amis du Tibet – Luxembourg,
Friends of Tibet India(Delhi), La Casa Del Tibet di Votigno di Canossa(Italy), Tibet Initiative Deutschland
e.v.(Germany), PTC – Pro Tibet Culture(Chili), Tibet Patria Libre(Uruguay), Casa Tibet Mexico(Mexico),
Ganasamannay, Kolkata(India), Costa Rica-Tibet(Costa-Rica), fundacion Tashi delek(spain), Kasakhstan-
Tibet(Kasakhstan), Panama-Tibet(Panama), Tibet-Thaïland(Thailand)

NB :Le travail engagé par notre ami Francis se poursuit : c'est Pascal Dautancourt qui se chargera désormais du suivi des demandes et propositions des communes.
N' hésitez pas à solliciter vos élus en ce sens... et à entrer en contact avec Pascal:

Campagne « Parrainage de communes du Tibet » 
13 le débucher 28260 ANET
Tél.         .



La campagne de parrainage continue. N'hésitez pas à solliciter votre Maire et à nous contacter si besoin. 


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